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Health & Safety in Maldives

Health & Safety in Maldives

Currently there are no travel advisories against visiting the Maldives and if any country issues one we will inform you in this page.


Before you go

Travel related accidents are rare in the Maldives but before leaving to the country It is advisable to make sure that you have adequate health insurance that will cover you for any emergency evacuations due to diving or unexpected accidents by seaplane or speedboat to the nearest island with proper medical facilities.


Food and Drink

Apart from the bottled water, the water provided in the resorts will be generally safe to drink and consume as stringent Hygiene and Safety Standards are strictly followed in processing of this water. While visiting local island other than Male’, water of uncertain origin should not be used for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice unless it has first been boiled or otherwise sterilised. The food in resorts will be generally risk free and of top standard, usually made by professional International Chef’s.


Health Care in Maldives

All resort islands are required to have their own First-aid facilities; most of the resorts in our collection have In-house lisensed docter’s and nurses to tend to any healthcare needs you may have while on vacation. If for any reason you are unfortunate enough to sustain a major injury, you may be required to brought to the regional Hospital or in some cases the capital Male; the two major hospitals on Malé, the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital and the ADK private hospital will be generally able to take care of the rest. Several clinics also offer top quality services with professional doctors and specialists in the capital.

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